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Dumpster Rental Bakersfield

When it comes to the dumpster rental Bakersfield prefers, Summit Dumpster is the name you can trust! We've been in the industry for years, offering reliable, eco-friendly, and efficient waste disposal solutions in Bakersfield, California. Whether you're embarking on a home renovation, cleaning out your garage, or managing a construction site, our range of bin sizes and our experienced dumpster rental professionals have got you covered.

Our dedicated team ensures timely and flexible delivery to fit your schedule, backed by easy-to-understand pricing with no hidden fees. We pride ourselves on maintaining clean, well-kept dumpsters suitable for a variety of needs. With our team on your side, you’re not just renting the top dumpster rental Bakersfield can provide; you’re experiencing the peace of mind that comes with reliable, customer-focused service.

Convenient, transparent, and eco-friendly—what more could you ask for? We’re your go-to for stress-free and top-notch dumpster rental Bakersfield depends on– where customer satisfaction is always a priority. Book your dumpster rental with our crew today and experience hassle-free and streamlined service that’s second to none.
How To Rent Our Dumpsters In 3 Easy Steps
1. Schedule Your Dumpster Rental
Fill up your dumpster with the acceptable waste. Not sure if you can put a particular item in your roll-off container? Give us a call to find out what's accepted in your area.
2. Fill Up Your Dumpster
Fill up your dumpster with the acceptable waste. Not sure if you can put a particular item in your roll-off container? Give us a call to find out what's accepted in your area.
3. Schedule Your Pickup
When you're done using your dumpster, give us a quick call or text, and we will come and pick up the dumpster. We also peform a thorough clean-up of your space.
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8 Yard Dirt and Concrete Dumpster
Starting Price
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14' L x 7' W x 4' H

Rental Time
24 Hours

Fuel Surcharge and Disposal Fees

Additional Days: $25/day
Swapout: $150 Within 25 Miles, Outside of 25 miles TBD
15 Yard Dumpster
Starting Price
Book Now

14' L x 7' W x 4' H

Rental Time
24 Hours

Fuel Surcharge and Disposal Fees

Additional Days: $25/day
Swapout: $150 Within 25 Miles, Outside of 25 miles TBD
20Yard Dumpster
Starting Price
Book Now

14' L x 7' W x 6' H

Rental Time
24 Hours

Fuel Surcharge and Disposal Fees

Additional Days: $25/day
Swapout: $150 Within 25 Miles, Outside of 25 miles TBD

We Take Just About Everything
Some examples of the junk we haul away include:

  • Refrigerator Disposal
  • Garbage Removal
  • Mattress Disposal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Construction Waste Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Trash Removal
  • Appliance Removal
  • Television Disposal & Recycling
  • Furniture Removal
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Hot Tub Disposal
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Dumpster Rental Bakersfield CA: Discover the Many Handy Uses of Dumpster Rentals for Your Various Projects

We’ve got the dumpster rental Bakersfield CA uses to handle a range of projects with ease. Whether you're a homeowner sprucing up your space or a contractor taking on a massive project, our dumpsters are your waste removal superheroes. You name it, we can handle it!
  • Home Renovation: Planning a makeover for your home? Our dumpsters are perfect for tossing out old tiles, wood, and other renovation waste.
  • Yard Clean-Up: Transform your yard without worrying about waste disposal with our dumpster rentals in Bakersfield CA—throw all those leaves, branches, gardening waste, and old lawn furniture right into our dumpster.
  • Office Move: Relocating your office? Use the open top container trash dumpster Bakersfield CA recommends for decluttering and disposing of old office furniture and electronics safely.
  • Event Cleanup: Hosting a large event? Make the post-party cleanup a breeze by having our crew at the venue.
  • Roofing Projects: Replacing your roof? Shingles, tar paper, and other roofing materials are easily disposed of in our versatile Bakersfield California dumpster.
  • Estate Cleanout: Inherit a house full of stuff? Easily sort and dispose of old belongings, making the estate process less stressful.
  • Construction Sites: Building something new? Keep your construction site tidy by using our Bakersfield roll off dumpster for scrap metal, wood, and concrete.
  • Recycling Drives: Organizing a community recycling event? Our dumpsters can handle recyclables like paper, metal, and certain plastics.
  • Demolition Projects: Tearing something down? Our Bakersfield California dumpster is robust enough to handle debris from small to large demolition projects.
  • Seasonal Cleaning: Out with the old, in with the new! Use our dumpsters for your spring or fall cleaning to get rid of accumulated junk.
We’ve got the dumpster rental Bakersfield CA customers choose for a convenient, responsible, and efficient solution to their waste removal project. So, why settle for less when you can have the best? Choose Summit Dumpster Rentals today!


Dumpster Rental Bakersfield California Recommends for Residental Use

We’ve got the dumpster rental Bakersfield California homeowners prefer for residential waste removal. Our range of dumpster sizes is ideal for projects big and small, from basement cleanouts to full-scale home renovations. We regularly partner with our customers to help support various residential waste removal projects, including roofing repairs, landscaping, junk removal, renovations, sidewalk demolitions, flooring removal, and more.

With our simple booking system and transparent pricing, you can easily rent a residential dumpster Bakersfield residents or property managers can utilize without any headaches.

For a stress-free and efficient residential dumpster rental experience, look no further than Summit!
Construction Dumpster Bakersfield CA

Durable Yard Waste Dumpster Rentals in Bakersfield, CA

When it's time for a yard clean-up, choose our dumpster rentals in Bakersfield, CA. We’re your go-to solution for all your green waste disposal needs. Our dumpsters are perfectly sized to accommodate everything from grass clippings and leaves to branches and broken lawn furniture. Not only do we make the disposal process a cinch, but our eco-friendly practices also ensure that your yard waste is processed in the most environmentally responsible way. We partner directly with local landfills to ensure all waste is disposed of responsibly in accordance with all local regulations. We’re the trash and dumpster service Bakersfield uses to give your yard the makeover it deserves!

Roll Off Dumpster Bakersfield CA

Construction Dumpsters Bakersfield Contractors Choose to Get the Job Done

Book the construction dumpsters Bakersfield contractors and professionals use to get the job done right the first time. Our heavy-duty and spacious dumpsters are tailor-made to handle hefty materials like concrete, wood, metal, and more.

With our streamlined booking system and reliable delivery service, you can keep your focus on building, knowing that you have the #1 construction dumpster Bakersfield has to offer at your disposal.

Whether you’re in the early stages of a new housing development or need a roll off dumpster delivered to your site ASAP, we’re here to help. 

Job Site Dumpster Bakersfield Uses for Roofing Projects

We offer the job site dumpster Bakersfield knows is the perfect choice when you're tackling a roofing project. We know that waste removal is the last thing you want to worry about. That's where our team comes in! Our commercial-grade dumpsters are specially designed to handle all kinds of roofing materials—be it shingles, tar paper, or nails. With our hassle-free reservations and quick delivery of dumpsters in Bakersfield, you can keep your project on schedule and your work area clean. Whether you own a roofing business and are looking for a long-term waste removal partner or are sprucing up your own rental property with roofing repairs, our services will help keep your project on the right track.

Roll Off Dumpster Bakersfield CA Prefers for Demolition

We’ve got the roll off dumpster Bakersfield CA uses for demolition projects. You need a waste removal solution that's as tough as the job itself, and that's exactly what our team offers.

Our robust dumpsters are engineered to handle a heavy load of debris, from concrete blocks to metal scraps and everything in between. Our dumpsters allow customers to focus on the demolition without stressing over waste removal.

Dumpster rentals offer a convenient and efficient way to manage debris and waste from demolition projects, keeping your site clean and organized.
Dumpster Rental Bakersfield CA

Garbage Dumpster Bakersfield Businesses Depend On For Commercial Use

We have the perfect garbage dumpster Bakersfield recommends for commercial projects. We know that efficient waste management is key, and that's where our crew shines. Our versatile range of dumpsters is perfect for handling all sorts of commercial waste—from office furniture and electronics to industrial materials. Our Bakersfield rent a dumpster is a reliable delivery service, and it means you can manage your business operations without missing a beat. For businesses undergoing renovations or handling large-scale waste, dumpster rentals provide an essential solution for managing commercial debris effectively. They simplify the disposal process, ensuring a neat and professional appearance during and after your commercial projects. Book the commercial dumpster in Bakersfield that your company can depend on today!

Rent a Dumpster Bakersfield CA
Residential Dumpster Bakersfield CA
Yard Waste Dumpster Bakersfield

How to Schedule a Bakersfield Dumpster Rental Drop-Off Online

Booking a Bakersfield dumpster rental with Summit Dumpster Rentals couldn't be easier, thanks to our user-friendly online system. Whether you're tackling a home renovation or a commercial project, you can reserve your dumpster with just a few clicks, all from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Select the Dumpster Rental of Your Choice: Browse through our versatile range of dumpsters and pick the one that best suits your project's needs.

  • Select "Book Now" and Add to Cart: Found the right Bakersfield rental dumpster? Click on "Book Now" to add it to your cart.

  • Select Your Service Type: Choose whether you're a homeowner or a contractor to tailor the service to your specific needs.

  • Select Rental Dates and Pickup Date: Specify the rental period and the date you’d like the dumpster to be picked up.

  • Select "Check Out" and Provide Customer Information: Head to the checkout page and fill in all the necessary customer details.

  • Review Your Order and Select Payment Type: For those wondering how much does it cost
    We’ve got the dumpster rental Bakersfield CA customers choose for a convenient, responsible, and efficient solution to their waste removal project. So, why settle for less when you can have the best? Choose Summit Dumpster Rentals today!


Various Sizes and Uses of Our Bakersfield Dumpster

We have the Bakersfield dumpster customers can look to for a variety of sizes and uses. Our range of dumpster sizes is designed to fit the needs of any project you can dream up. From compact options perfect for residential cleanouts to massive containers built for large-scale commercial projects, we've got a size for every situation.

Our 15-yard roll-off dumpsters are not just spacious but also easy-loading. Measuring 14 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 4 feet tall, these containers come equipped with large rear barn doors for effortless walk-on and walk-off access. The roll-off design features wheels to safeguard your driveway and offers placement flexibility; you can set it on your driveway, grass, gravel, or asphalt. Each rental includes a 1-ton waste allowance, and additional charges apply for exceeding this limit. Note that certain items, like concrete, paint, hazardous materials, and dirt, are prohibited. Choose our 15-yard dumpster for a versatile and convenient waste removal solution!

Customers searching for a dumpster rental near Bakersfield CA should know that our 20-yard roll-off dumpsters are a fantastic choice for those who need a bit more room for their waste management needs. These spacious containers measure 14 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 6 feet tall, offering ample space for larger projects. They feature large rear barn doors for easy access and have wheels to protect whatever surface they're placed on—be it your driveway, grass, gravel, or asphalt. Every rental includes a 1-ton waste allowance, with additional charges for exceeding this weight. We have the best Bakersfield roll away dumpster prices available. Items like concrete, paint, hazardous materials, and dirt are not allowed. Opt for our 20-yard dumpster for a solution that combines convenience with capacity!

When you've got a project that involves dirt and concrete, our specialized 8-yard dumpsters are exactly what you need. Specifically engineered for handling these heavier materials, this compact yet robust container is an ideal choice for landscaping overhauls, foundation work, or small-scale demolition projects. Despite its sturdy construction, it's designed to be easy to use with accessibility in mind. If you have a project that's down and dirty or set in stone, our 8-yard dirt and concrete dumpster is the hassle-free, efficient way to manage your waste.

We Deliver The Roll Off Dumpster Rental Bakersfield Customers Can Depend On

Community is at the heart of everything we do, and being a part of the Kern County community means we're more than just a business; we're neighbors. We’re thrilled to support local educational institutions like the Kern High School District, contributing to a brighter future for our younger residents. Our engagement with the community is a cornerstone of our business, and it keeps us motivated to provide the best service possible.

Kern County is home to some amazing local parks and landmarks that we're all lucky to enjoy. Whether you're spending a family day out at Hart Park, Yokuts Park, or The Park at River Walk, or soaking in the rich local history and culture at the Kern County Museum, Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, or Rabobank Arena, there's something for everyone here. Next time you're enjoying these local treasures, know that the roll off dumpster rental Bakersfield trusts is hard at work, keeping our community clean and green!

We offer the roll off dumpster rental Bakersfield customers can depend on, and our team is incredibly proud to serve the vibrant and diverse community of Kern County. Our commitment to reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly waste management solutions has made us a trusted partner in the area. We're especially pleased to work closely with the Kern County Landfill to ensure responsible disposal and recycling practices. Serving a wide range of ZIP codes—from 93301, 93302, 93303, 93304, 93305, 93306, 93307, 93308, 93309, 93311, 93312, 93313, 93314, 93380, 93383, 93384, 93385, 93386, 93387, 93388, 93389, to 93390—we're accessible to almost every resident and business in Bakersfield, Wasco, Delano, Taft, Arvin, Shafter, and Lamont, making it easier for customers to search for “dumpster rental near me Bakersfield CA."

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FAQs About The Roll Off Dumpsters Bakersfield CA Trusts Most

If you have questions about the roll off dumpsters Bakersfield CA trusts, check out our comprehensive FAQs section, designed to make your rental experience as smooth as possible.
Q.What types of projects are your dumpsters best suited for?
A.Our dumpsters come in various sizes and are designed for a wide range of uses. Whether you're working on home renovations, yard clean-ups, construction or demolition projects, or even specialized dirt and concrete jobs, we have a dumpster that's perfect for your needs.
Q.Can I place the dumpster on any surface?
A.When you rent a dumpster in Bakersfield from our team, the bin is designed with wheels to protect your driveway and can be placed on a variety of surfaces, such as grass, gravel, or asphalt. If you have any additional questions about where you’d like to place the dumpster, feel free to contact our team for more guidance.
Q.Are there any prohibited items I shouldn’t load into the bin?
A.Yes, when it comes to booking the best recycling dumpsters Bakersfield CA can provide from our team, certain items like concrete, paint, hazardous materials, and dirt are not allowed in our general-purpose dumpsters. For dirt and concrete, we have specialized 8-yard dumpsters.
Q.Which landfills do you partner with?
A.We have a strong partnership with the Kern County Landfill to ensure all waste is managed in an eco-friendly and responsible manner with our dumpsters.
Q.Do you deliver to my area?
A.We offer the best roll off dumpsters Bakersfield CA and surrounding areas can count on! We’re happy to deliver across Kern County and neighboring communities. Check out our service area page for a detailed list of our delivery areas.

What to See and Do in Bakersfield, CA

There are several local gems to be found in Bakersfield, California, from beautiful views to fine dining. We at Summit Dumpster Rentals would love to introduce you to them all! The highlights of some of our favorite spots are mentioned in the following sections, each offering a friendly and impactful insight into what makes Bakersfield unique.

Explore Bakersfield, California’s Parks and Landmarks

Bakersfield, a city in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, boasts over 60 parks, each offering its own unique charm. Places like Hart Park, part of the larger Kern River County Park, are the city's natural crown jewels. This park is a haven with picnic spaces, walking trails, and a pair of excellent disc golf courses​​. Another urban marvel, The Park at River Walk, is a picturesque site with lakes, scenic bridges, and the Bright House Networks Amphitheatre, a hub for concerts and events​​. Don’t miss out on Panorama Park for its breathtaking views of the Kern River Valley, especially at sunset​​. Each park tells its own story, making them perfect spots for relaxation, activities, and community gatherings.

Bakersfield, CA’s Culinary Scene

For food enthusiasts, Bakersfield is a treasure trove of flavors. Luigi’s Restaurant and Delicatessen, operating since 1910, is a local favorite for classic Italian dishes​​. 24th Street Cafe offers comfort food in a cozy diner setting​​, while Nuestro Mexico Restaurant serves authentic Mexican flavors​​. Don't overlook Uricchio’s Trattoria for its family recipes or Wool Growers Restaurant for dishes from the Basque region​​​​. Seafood lovers will enjoy La Costa Mariscos, known for its Mexican seafood cuisine​​. For those who crave steaks, Hungry Hunter Steakhouse offers high-quality grilled meats​​. Hodel’s Country Dining provides a buffet-style American dining experience​​, and Agave Grill and Cantina is perfect for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere and artful Mexican presentations​​.

Bakersfield, California’s Quality Community and Education

Bakersfield is a city that's more than just parks and cuisine; it's also a hub for education. The Kern High School District's diverse academic programs are a prominent example of the city’s commitment to education​​. The Bakersfield City School District and Panama-Buena Vista Union School District are other significant educational institutions offering unique strengths to their students​​. These schools provide excellent academic opportunities, foster community and diversity, and prepare students for a bright future.

Bakersfield is a city of natural beauty, diverse cuisine, and strong educational foundations. Its parks offer a natural escape from the urban hustle, while its restaurants bring a world of flavors to the table. The city's school districts reflect a commitment to quality education, shaping the minds of future generations. Whether you're a nature lover, food enthusiast, or education advocate, Bakersfield has something for everyone.    

Reviews For The Roll Off Dumpster Rental Bakersfield CA Customers Recommend

We’re thrilled to receive 5-star reviews for the roll off dumpster rental Bakersfield CA depends on year-round. Summit Dumpster Rentals is a top choice for reliable and efficient dumpster rental services. Customers rave about their 5-star experience, highlighting quick delivery, spotless dumpsters, and exceptional customer support. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices wins hearts, making us a community favorite for hassle-free waste removal solutions. Choose our locally owned and operated company for smooth, green, and dependable service every time!

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